Botulinum toxin was developed as a synthetic version of a naturally occurring toxin. This was first used for eye muscle disorders as a temporary mechanism to relax individual muscles and later used cosmetically for the treatment of wrinkles. The term BOTOX refers to a brand name product, but there are different versions of this compound available including DYSPORT, XEOMIN, AND MYOBLOC.

Although originally used for eye muscle disorders and most commonly associated with cosmetic treatment, botulinum toxin has multiple FDA approved medical applications. These include:

  • Dystonias/torticollis (abnormal muscle contortion)
  • Muscle spasm disorders (blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm)
  • Spasticity (stiffness after brain injury/stroke/cerebral palsy)
  • Hyperhydrosis (abnormal sweating)
  • Chronic migraine and pain disorders

Patients interested in botulinum toxin therapy should make a new patient appointment to see if they are a candidate for therapy.